Netflix The Starling Review

Write down the reviews of the movie The Starling, which began distribution through Netflix on September 24.

Personally, Melissa McCarthy, my favorite actor, appears, so the movie I’ve been waiting for after applying for a notification in advance is The Starling.

I think Melissa McCarthy is the best American actress who has built her territory.
Comic acting seems to be the best with its unique response-like lines.

The Starling is also a comedy movie with a genre written on Netflix, so as a result of looking forward to it, The Starling is not funny. Of course, there are some comic lines from Melissa McCarthy, and there are supporting characters that seem to be a little exaggerated or lacking, but it’s not enough to introduce them as comedy movies.
Rather, it should be said that it is a calm family movie rather than a comedy movie.

Netflix The Starling Review

It begins with the story of a couple living in a depression after suffering a great pain that showed a very lovely couple.
Come to think of it, I think the starting point and the underlying material was too heavy to touch with a comedy movie.

Netflix The Starling Review

My favorite role in the Starling was Kevin Klein, who appears as a veterinarian.
He doesn’t appear in many scenes in this movie, but he seems to play a significant role.
I wonder if there is such an honest veterinarian.

Netflix The Starling Review

A new story begins with a bird (Starling) appearing to a couple who are having a hard time.
When an animal appears in the middle of the movie, it leads to a story that everyone can expect.

It ends with the story that a couple who are going through a difficult time due to the emergence of birds (Starling) are going through it.

Movie The Starling Review

Well, there is already a movie on Netflix that overcomes difficulties with birds appearing.
Personally, I think Penguin Bloom is a better movie.

Of course, The Starling does not allow birds to enter life very actively like Penguin Bloom.
And Melissa McCarthy’s role seems to give a more dummy feeling than Penguin Bloom because it comes out in a style that is silently enduring rather than expressing difficulties.

If it’s a movie like this, it makes you feel moved or warm, but I don’t think so.
That doesn’t mean that the movie is not warm or not bland, but it doesn’t seem to meet expectations.

Nevertheless, I think it’s a movie that I can recommend.
Actors such as Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd, and Kevin Klein are outstanding and there is nothing to tell about the bad story.