Netflix’s Hellbound character poster release.

The character poster of Netflix’s Korean drama Hellbound, which is most anticipated in November, has been released.

Netflix has recently released Korean dramas one by one a month.
Following D.P., Squid Game, and My Name, Hellbound will be released on November 19th.

Hellbound is more looking forward to starring actors Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hyun-joo.

“Hellbound” is a Netflix series about a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell without notice, and a revival of religious groups Saejinri and those who want to reveal the reality of the incident are intertwined.


Hellbound is already a case of drama production of webtoons like Sweet Home produced by Netflix.
I don’t know if it will gain huge popularity like the squid game, but it is expected to gain considerable popularity.