I saw the Old Guard last night.

Netflix’s new film the Old Guard, released on July 10.
I saw the Old Guard last night.
It’s a movie that I enjoyed watching in a long time at a time when the release date of the films that I expected to release due to the spread of corona 19 virus.

I saw Netfilix's the Old Guard last night

I’m sure many of you haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll skip all the plots.

I think the action movie of Charlize Theron is a must-see movie.
I don’t know how long Charlize Theron will be showing this kind of action, but he’s got a lot of action.
Good physique and short hairstyle go well together.‚Äč

The story was not shallow, and the actors’ performances were all good.
Personally, it seems like a movie with some balance.
And as expected, the Charlize Theron stands out.

I’m afraid to tell you something.
I’m pretty good at catching my breath from time to time.
If you look at the action part, the speed is not fast, and you can see the awkward setting.
But it seems to have the power to hold on to it until the end of the film.

Old guard, once you’ve seen this one,
I think it’s a movie that I’m looking forward to the next one rather than the old guard movie itself.
I think it’s a movie that was planned and produced in advance.

And I think the story is too good to prune.
If I do well, I think I can continue continuously.

Finally, in 2020, Netflix’s masterpieces feel completely different from before.
Before that, I thought I focused more on experimentalism than popularity or box office.

I’m looking forward to the sequel, including the movie Extraction and the Old Guard.