The daily life of the Corona 19 virus and the puppy

Since the outbreak of the Corona 19 virus, I have not eaten in restaurants or spent time in coffee shops.Of course, I haven’t met my peoples. It’s a hectic routine, but going out with my dog has become the only exercise I have ever had.It is hot summer but I am walking with Chamggae with … Read more

Sunbathing Dog Chamggae

Sunbathing Dog Chamggae

Chamggae really like sunbathing. ​Dogs also say that sunlight is one of the important factors to stay healthy.Maybe that’s why Chamggae goes up to the sunny window and drowses for a while when the sunlight starts to come into the house. Because my house faces south, the sun doesn’t come long in the summer, but … Read more

Typhoon Jangmi are coming to Korea.

It’s a big problem.Typhoon Jangmi is coming to Korea. Already, 30 people have been killed in the flood in Korea.In this situation, there will be a lot of damage if the typhoon Jangmi comes up. It is still raining hard in Seoul.It started raining again even before the typhoon Jangmi came. Fortunately, typhoon Jangmi are … Read more

Outside temperature and outdoor activities of my dog

Outside temperature and outdoor activities of dogs

It’s been more than three years since we adopted Chamggae.As the COVID-19 increased the time spent with Chamggae, I began to understand her behavior one by one.One of them is outdoor activities, depending on the temperature outside. This article may correspond to the short hairs and dog breeds of Chamggae(dacshund). It depends on the dog.The … Read more