Review of Jack Snyder’s movie Army of the Dead

Jack Snyder’s second zombie film, Army of the Dead, has been registered on Netflix.
Since the spread of the coronavirus, no movies have been posted on Netflix, which can be called blockbusters.
Of course, Korean dramas and movies such as Space Sweepers and Sweet Home were registered, but there were no blockbuster movies overseas, especially in the United States.

I think the first movie to open was Army of the Dead.
In particular, the movie ARMY of the Dead was more anticipated due to the fact that it does not restrict the director, which is characteristic of Netflix.
Before watching Army of the Dead, I also previewed Jack Snyder’s first zombie film, Dawn Of The Dead.

Review of Jack Snyder's movie Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead is not the successor to Dawn Of The Dead.
I heard it was a follow-up, but it seems to have changed in the middle.
You don’t have to see Dawn Of The Dead to start with a new setting.

The basic plot of Army of the Dead.

I’ll leave out the details, but to sum it up,
Las Vegas becomes the territory of zombies as zombies with a view of the subject enter Las Vegas becomes a zombie territory.
It’s about a team going into Las Vegas to pick up the money from the Las Vegas safe.

If you look at the plot, it feels like it’s a bit like a movie Peninsula.
It shows the same flow as the main character entering Korea as a team, which has become the area of zombies.

The story of the newly added zombies.

Army of the Dead adds zombies that are different from American zombies.
Zombies that were pushed head-to-head with slow steps were typical American zombies, but this time, fast zombies were added.
It’s like a quick zombie from the Kingdom has been added.
Fast zombies have been added to American zombies, so we can see them in future American zombie movies.
There’s an additional zombie style, but I’ll skip it.

Review of Jack Snyder's movie Army of the Dead

The Army of the Dead is

The Army of the Dead certainly has Jack Snyder’s color.
Especially, the scenes and background music at the beginning of the movie make me unable to take my eyes off.
The color of the middle screen is also directed by Jack Snyder.

Nevertheless, it has the content of a typical zombie movie.
I think it’s the limit of zombie movies, such as characters that are always harmful, betraying, and obvious future developments.

The masterpieces are expected to show up after this fall.
In the meantime, Army of the Dead must be a masterpiece that will lead Netflix.
It would be nice to enjoy it considering that it’s a zombie movie.